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    Selling A House

    30 May 2020

    The New Normal: Forget About the Old Way of Selling a House

    There is no denying it: we live in unprecedented times, and so many of the things we’ve taken for granted up to now have changed

      Apartments for Rent

      30 May 2020

      6 Handy Tips When Hunting for Great Apartments for Rent

      Life goes on. Leases expire, opportunities arise and needs change

        Finding the Ideal Property for Sale

        30 May 2020

        Do This to Find the Ideal Property for Sale

        Buying a house or apartment is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll make .in your life

          Start Looking at Houses for Sale Now!

          30 May 2020

          Don’t Wait for Lockdown to End. Start Looking at Houses for Sale Now!

          We all had such great plans for 2020. But, true to the nature of life, this year threw us a curveball that no-one saw coming.

            Interest Rate Cuts Mark a Great Time to Buy Property

            22 May 2020

            The great news of another interest rate cut is a boon to the property market.

            The great news of another interest rate cut is a boon to the property market

              Developing area in the North of Pretoria - Rosslyn Gardens

              11 May 2020

              An ideal area for investment

              Rosslyn gardens is situated in the north of Pretoria in Rosslyn industrials. Most of the big brand are in operation in the area. Big companies like Nissan, BMW, SAB, Iveco, UD Trucks, Tshwane

                Olu-K’s services to landlords

                24 April 2020

                We are championing landlords needs

                This service is designed to assist landlords who want to handle the day-to-day management of their properties but do not want to deal with the procurement pro

                  World First Property Features by PropertyCentral

                  21 April 2020

                  PropertyCentral releases ground-breaking property features that will showcase your property in a whole new way!

                  All property websites are pretty much the same – information, photos and maybe videos. They are typically brochure sites as they have been since the beginning of time. It's time for something

                    How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitiser at Home

                    24 March 2020

                    How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitiser at Home

                    Never, in recent memory, has there been a time when personal hygiene has been so much at the forefront of the conversation as it is right now – and for very good reason

                      Sanitise Your House

                      24 March 2020

                      How to Sanitise Your House for Coronavirus

                      Right now, it is the duty of each and every South African to look after our health during this time when the world is facing the unprecedented spread of the novel coronavirus.

                        Business Debt Relief (Real Estate Agents)

                        24 March 2020

                        Business Debt Relief: Here Are the Steps Taken in South Africa So Far

                        Right now, many people are rightfully concerned as to what the foreseeable future holds.

                          Interest Rates Are Dropping (Buy Property)

                          24 March 2020

                          Interest Rates Are Dropping: The Best Time to Buy Property is Now

                          We are living in unprecedented times, with the novel coronavirus and resulting COVID-19 disease completely upending social life as we know it.