About Us

PropertyCentral. Extreme Response. Extreme Value

Extreme Simplicity

PropertyCentral.co.za is easy to use and easy to list with. Uploading a property is very simple. Searching for a home with us is even simpler. We are not associated with any third parties and do not subscribe to any syndication systems, this allows us agility and independence to respond to client and market needs. We offer you a simple, no frills service to assist you to sell your home or find your home.

Extreme Value

Listing with us is totally free for a limited time only – thats pretty extreme! Free does not mean you are listing with a second rate site. We are aggressively marketing and driving traffic to PropertyCentral.co.za to view your property. We have an experienced admin team supporting the website. All this for free, for now. We offer you a no frills service, don't pay for unnecessary things that you don't need. When we do charge it will be for a low fee. We will not charge you for unnecessary frills. We are focused on getting your property maximum visibilty at least cost.

Extreme Response

We will be driving massive amounts of traffic to view your property through aggressive and smart marketing. We have an extreme plan to get buyers and renters to view your property through extreme marketing and an extremely simple website. We will deliver extreme response for you listings.

Extreme Advantage

Do not fish from the same pond – our independence means that buyers are viewing non-syndicated property, there has been actual effort put into uploading the property. It also means that agents and sellers are not advertising to the same people as the traditional sites. We are marketing to buyers and getting property listings independently. You're not fishing in the same pond as everyone else!

Extreme Choice

As an agent, we believe that you should want to use our service because its great service and not because of a debit order. We don't tie you in with a debit order, its your choice to use us or not, when you want to.

Extreme Independance

We are totally independent. We operate independantly off our own platform and do things our own way. No syndication, property on our site is what people took the effort to actually upload for you.

Extreme Passion

We are independent and passionate about technology and customer service and making a difference. We do things differently and ensure that you benefit from it.