Why does everyone want to live in Cape Town?

With a spectacular coastline, impressive mountains, a unique and diverse ecosystem, and a healthy economy, it is no wonder there is an influx of people who want to buy a property in this beautiful province. It is a great place to call home for an endless amount of reasons – too many to mention. Yet, here are three of the main reasons why everybody who visits here, want to stay:

1. Better quality of life
Whether you want to buy property for a holiday home, as a family residence, or simply to relocate for a job opportunity, the Western Cape offers you exceptional value in terms of lifestyle quality. The province boasts excellent infrastructure in terms of transport, medical care, and education. With some of the best hospitals, schools and universities in the country, the Western Cape is a hotspot for anyone who is looking to buy property.

2. An entire world of experiences is always just around the corner
It’s got the mountain, bru. But seriously, apart from the world-renowned Table Mountain, there is the entire range of Cape Fold Mountains as well, making it a heavenly destination for those who like to go for a hike on the weekend to connect with nature. The Western Cape is known for its beautiful beaches for those who want to buy a property by the sea. Even if you don’t live by the sea, it’s always just an afternoon drive away. And don’t forget the famous Cape Winelands. You can visit a new one each weekend, and never get through all the great wines produced in this region. Indulging does not end here though. The province boasts an endless selection of excellent restaurants – some that have made it to worldwide best-of lists. And arts and culture are not far behind, with great exhibitions, live performances and world-class theatre happening all over and throughout the year.

3. It’s an investment in your future
If you buy property in the Western Cape, you are making a great investment in your future. The province is a great destination for those who lie to invest in properties, as the market has shown consistent growth over the last couple of decades.

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