Buying Property in the Northern Cape Might Just be a Good Idea

Looking for a change of pace? Want to enjoy the good things in life a bit more? Own your own time and call your own shots? Then you should pay some serious attention to the charming properties for sale in the Northern Cape. It could be exactly what you are looking for.

Here are some of the reasons why those in the know have been snapping up properties for sale in the Northern Cape at bargain prices:

1. You cannot help but slow down your pace
Even if it’s just to stare at your surroundings, to enjoy a delicious home-baked pie at a local bakery, or to have a conversation with one of the friendly locals… life in the Northern Cape happens at its own pace, and you will soon fall into the rhythm as you realise there is more to life to enjoy when you don’t rush everywhere. The great outdoors is always just minutes away from you. No matter where you choose to settle in the Northern Cape, there will always be untouched landscapes for you to explore just mere minutes from your house. Remember, there is a reason why Rough Guides named the
Northern Cape as one of their top ten regions to visit in the world.

2. Beauty surrounds you
Yes, the landscape is beautiful, but so too are the towns themselves. Most towns have a long and rich history, and the beautiful architecture is a testament to that.

3. The charm of small-town living
From the old buildings to the spaciousness of the newer properties. From the slower pace of living to the friendly residents. From the tasty home cooking and baked goods to the spectacular night sky… There is a plethora of ways where no city could match the charm of the Northern Cape.

4. Property prices are lower
You can find excellent and spacious properties for sale throughout the Northern Cape in a selection of charming towns. Often, you will be able to secure much more property for your money, compared to many of the other provinces in South Africa. Chances are that your insurance will also be lower

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