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In uncertain times, one may feel confused about the future and which course to take. Eskom power cuts, escalating social distancing restrictions and increasing unemployment are making city life more challenging than ever. With the world at a standstill, perhaps now is the time to consider our options as far as sustainable living is concerned. 

The advantages of living on larger solar panelled plots with independent water supplies and enough land to grow your own food are starting to seem like the most sensible way forward. And with so many people having adapted to working from home already, the need to be close to the city for work is also rapidly disintegrating.

The property trends are pointing to the fact that city dwellers are relocating to smaller towns and the countryside at a fairly rapid rate. It won’t be long before prices of previously unheard of country and coastal towns begin to soar. 

My humble advice would be to get your foot in the door before the market is inundated. With the bond interest rate at an all-time low since the ’70s, what are you waiting for?

It is no secret that there is far more value for money as one moves further away from the city as far as property is concerned. Perhaps it is time to consider trading in your apartment for a large erf and a breath of fresh air. If becoming less dependent on a failing system is starting to appeal to you, start exploring your options sooner rather than later. Nobody likes a cold cup of coffee.