The New Normal: Forget About the Old Way of Selling a House

There is no denying it: we live in unprecedented times, and so many of the things we’ve taken for granted up to now have changed, possibly forever. The global pandemic of 2020 and the resulting lockdown measures have forced us to change the way we do things – from how we celebrate birthdays, to how we do our grocery shopping, to how we work… and even how we approach selling a house.

Now, all of these changes aren’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, challenges often motivate us to come up with innovative and downright brilliant solutions that change the way we do things for the better. This is exactly what PropertyCentral has done, given the current circumstances and the restrictions imposed on those who were planning on selling a house.

Even before the current conditions, PropertyCentral has already been a game-changer in the online property market. By offering both agents and private sellers an equal platform that combines temporary free listings, easy usage, and non-binding engagement options, selling a house online has never been that easy. 

During this time when people can’t leave their homes to view properties, online advertising has really become a vital part of the process. However, it has also highlighted its shortcomings as a medium for selling a house. While you can show a beautiful set of pictures, you cannot fully convey the feeling or personality of a place. 

To address this, we’ve added some nifty interactivity and engagement features to help you connect with buyers:

  • Personality

Social media is inescapable – not only the platforms themselves but also the associated habits that have permeated our daily lives. We embraced this by adding a “Property Personality” feature, allowing you to add relevant and fun hashtags to give your property a voice and added descriptors.

  • Modern interactivity

Potential buyers can now ask questions and view questions others have asked about a property with our new “property Q&A” feature. 

  • Ease of use

Users can now simply swipe left and right to browse listed properties and then tap to WhatsApp the relevant agent's information with a pre-filled message. No need to type a message or dial.

  • Area articles by agents

Who knows areas and suburbs better than the agents who operate in them? Agents can now add localised news and information write-ups which will be displayed alongside relevant properties.

If you’re planning on selling a house – now or anywhere in the future – you know what to do: turn to PropertyCentral to help you market your property and to reach the right buyers.