Don’t Wait for Lockdown to End. Start Looking at Houses for Sale Now!

We all had such great plans for 2020. But, true to the nature of life, this year threw us a curveball that no-one saw coming. The global pandemic has resulted in a local lockdown that has effectively hit the pause button for most of us as we adjust to a “new normal”, at least for the foreseeable future. But, in spite of what it may feel like, this hiccup need not mean that all your plans need to come to a complete standstill. If you were considering buying property this year, this is probably the ideal time to actively be on the hunt for houses for sale.

Now, given social distancing restrictions, this might seem like a strange statement. How are you supposed to shop for houses for sale during this time? Below are some reasons why this is the best time to get the process moving and how to set yourself up for success once the right property crosses your path.

Set Yourself Up for Success

If there’s one thing you have right now, it’s probably time. Take your time to look at as many houses for sale as possible online. This will help you create the context for the market in order to see what is available and recognise good deals. It also gives you the opportunity to create a list of features you want and need, and to prioritise these into deal-breakers and nice-to-haves. This makes it much easier to identify the houses for sale that are right for you.

If You Are Ready, You Don’t Need to Get Ready

Usually, finance from a bank is required to purchase property, which can take a while to organise. You will also need a number of documents for both your finance application and the purchase. Find out which documents and get them in order. You want to be ready when you find that ideal property so that you don’t miss out.

The Interest Rate Is in Your Favour Right Now

Talking about finance, the interest rate has already been lowered by more than 2% this year alone, and it’s currently at its lowest it’s been in years. This means that a bond for your home is more affordable and slightly easier to obtain, so now is a perfect time to act.

There’s a New Way to Shop Houses for Sale Online

PropertyCentral has just made it easier than ever to browse houses for sale online. Swipe left and right to flick through the properties available, contact the agent via WhatsApp with a mere click, and see what other people have asked about specific properties. Try it now!