An ideal area for investment

Rosslyn Gardens is situated in the North of Pretoria in Rosslyn industrials. Most of the big brand are in operation in the area. Big companies like Nissan, BMW, SAB, Iveco, UD Trucks, Tshwane North College and many more known brands are in this area. This area was established around 2010 after Nkwe estate was fully developed. By then a 40 sqm house been a two bedroom with was selling at R 320,000 and by 2019 the same size was selling at R 557,000 almost 90% growth in investment if you bought when it was established.

What I have seen happening in the area is that most people are building back rooms and others are renting out their houses for student attending at Tshwane North College since there are no student residence in the college. Not so long a Spark private school was open and is fully operational. Rosslyn Gardens sometimes called Leopard Rock because of its diverse properties it is surely growing. 

From the experience we have is that everyday is the right time to buy and invest in real estate irrespective of how volatile or good the market is. There a good things coming and currently happening in Rosslyn.

We will be advising you now and then on the area and you are welcome to come and familiarize yourself with it so that you can see for yourself.
NB: You can buy property for cash and save yourself interest.

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Thank you and keep coming back for more.