We are championing landlords needs

This service is designed to assist landlords who want to handle the day-to-day management of their properties but do not want to deal with the procurement process (marketing the unit, showing the unit, collecting applications, screening applications, approval process and preparing the rental agreement)

  1. List and market the property.
  2. Short list and screen potential tenants, once we have completed our reference checks, we present the information to the owner who makes the final selection.
  3. We then collect the rent and deposit deduct our fee, disburse the balance and deposit to owners account to hold for the term of the lease. There after the tenant pays the full rent to the owners account .
  4. Prepare a legally binding lease agreement for the qualifying tenant and owner's execution. (the lease is between the tenant and the owner)
  5. Do a joint inspection with the tenant according to the RHA and provide a copy of the incoming inspection report with photos to the property owner and the tenant.
  6. Prepare the necessary documents for the electricity account.

Our Tenant screening service is aimed at assisting landlords to facilitate informed and confident leasing decisions.

We offer a wide variety of background reports and services to help identify quality tenants,These include:

1.ID verification & photo:we verify tenants identity using real-time link directly with Home Affairs.We also verify their names, date of birth date and their photo.

2.Payment profile:to help identify quality tenants who are more likely to pay the rent on time.

This service is for both tenants and landlords. An accurate inspection  is essential in protecting both the property owner and the tenant. It is also extremely useful in settling disputes around deposits and keeping landlords up to date with mantainace issues and over crowding .Undertaken completely on your behalf, we will take photos and inspect the premises against a comprehensive list of all areas.