PropertyCentral releases ground-breaking property features that will showcase your property in a whole new way!

All property websites are pretty much the same – information, photos and maybe videos. They are typically brochure sites as they have been since the beginning of time. It's time for something new, modern and fresh – interactivity, personality and engagement. Sell your property in a whole new way!

PropertyCentral has delivered on being different, not only with our pricing but now with our WORLD FIRST engagement and interactivity features!


Show off your property's personality with our socially relevant and fun hash Tags and give your property a voice to describe itself with our fun Property Personality feature.

Modern Interactivity

Browse, ask questions and view questions that other people have asked, immediately on a property with our Property Q&A feature. Not only can you quickly ask a question but you can also get richer information immediately on a property from questions that other people have asked already.

Ease of Use

Swipe left or right to browse though properties! Yes you read right! Swipe from property to property like an app, definitely a world first.

Tap to Whatsapp – yes one click opens your Whatsapp with the relevant agent's information and message pre-filled. No need to type a message nor dial.

Area Articles by Agents

Estate Agents are specialists in the areas and suburbs in which they operate. PropertyCentral now gives them a platform to showcase this by submitting localised news and information write ups which will be displayed along with their respective properties. Is there a new school being built in your area? A new shopping mall being built? Community news? An agent can submit an article that relates to a suburb, and this will be displayed along with the Estate Agency's logo and name. This gives a contextual view of the property and the local goings on.

Selling premium properties?

The most expensive properties in SA get listed free on our front page.

Modern users are demanding in their needs. They want real-time and lots of information upon which to make decisions. PropertyCentral is a platform that services the information needs of users so if you want to advertise your property in its best light to a savvy buyer you need to be listing with us.

Get off the old, boring, expensive platforms and advertise with us. Go ahead its free for now and will continue to be cheap even when we do charge!