Why You Should Consider Apartments for Rent in Cape Town’s City Bowl

Are you looking for a new place to stay in Cape Town? If so, have you considered looking at apartments for rent in the City Bowl? If not, you really should be. Inner-city living in Cape Town has always been tremendously popular, and for good reason. If one considers all the benefits it offers, it really is no wonder that apartments for rent in the City Bowl have become one of the most sought-after residential options on the market. Here are just some of the most obvious advantages enjoyed by those choosing apartments for rent in Cape Town’s CBD:

  1. Central location. It’s all about the convenience. Living in the heart of the Mother City generally means you are within walking distance of just about any service, attraction, or entertainment feature. And even if you cannot walk there, there are usually easy ways to get there and back. 

  2. More job opportunities. The same goes for jobs. Since there are many more businesses concentrated in the City Bowl and its surrounding areas, there are more jobs available to you. Also, since most large corporations are located in the city, you have a greater chance of building a career.

  3. Spend less time commuting. This is probably the most important yet often the most underrated benefit. Since you are in the City Bowl, you do not have to commute and sit in traffic to reach your work. Anyone who’s driven in Cape Town traffic, whether in or out of the city during peak hours, will tell you that it is no laughing matter. It begins as early as 5:30 in the morning, reaching its peak around 7:00 and continues until around 10:00 every morning. So, it’s not just the inconvenience of commuting; it is, in fact, all the time you save that gets added to your day for you to use as you please, which is invaluable.

  4. Save money on commuting. Apartments for rent in the City Bowl are often more expensive than in the suburbs or out of town. However, since you don’t have to commute anymore (or at least not that far), your travel expenses will be significantly lower.

  5. It’s also more eco-friendly. Less commuting also means you will be adding less to air pollution caused by transport vehicles – something which Capetonians are very dedicated to, haven implemented the bus rapid transit service, namely MyCiti, as one such example. Earth can do with every bit of help it gets.

  6. Less maintenance. Compared to owning your property or living on a property with a big house and/or garden, apartments for rent generally mean less maintenance work, because there is less to look after and if something needs attention, it is often the responsibility of the landlord.

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